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Wednesday, April 02, 2014


Shower Doors Glass

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Shower Doors is a relatively small company that can offer you more personalized service, which is something not offered by many companies today.

We have many years of experience in the shower door business and know what works.  Hardware is very well made, offering a diverse selection of style and color. Hardware is very durable and offers you many years of trouble free operation.
 Shower Doors specializes in heavy glass frameless shower doors, bath screens and frameless steam doors. We also offer Euro style enclosures and standard shower doors from companies such as Wardrobe and Bath Specialties.

With our design and variety of finishes and glass, our tub and shower enclosures bring an elegant look to any bathroom. We offer several aluminum finishes that match many bathroom fixtures so that our units blend into the design scheme of the bathroom. We also stock many styles of glass to give our customer the most amount of flexibility in designing their units.
 We offer both framed and frameless doors, as well as units with our Euro design. Our unit’s design and style make them a perfect fit on any bathtub or shower stall and add to the elegance of any bathroom.

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