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Tuesday, March 04, 2014



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Frameless shower screens are popular for their sollid and seemless design. However what you need to remember is that the design of your screens and shower rose are important considerations to prevent future dissapointement with your shower screen leaking water all over your tiles! Frameless shower doors are supposed to have a small gap between the glass panel - this enables the door to open. If you simply have your shower rose facing the fixed panel or wall where there are no gaps it's less likely your screens will leak water. There are several other configuarations to consider. Check out the frameless shower page and design your shower with elegance and functionality for a long life solution.

Frameless showers are great to blend into heritage homes with gold plated hinges, or modern homes with chrome plated brass hinges. Safety Glass NY use only top shelf manufacturing processes to produce lasting hinges and we recommend stainless steel screws. Frameless isn't for everyone! It's price tag is inevitable because of it's bespoke nature and high risk of the glass breaking several times in production before it reaches your door. The glass is cut to your measurements, holes processed, polished edges and then toughened to become safety glass.

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