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Tuesday, March 04, 2014



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Now living in a luxurious day spa like bathroom is possible, with just a few smart design elements!
Firstly create an open and inviting ambience in your bathroom. You can achieve this by using neutral colours used which are calming and nature like making a comfortable setting for most. The use of whites and warm neutral materials with clean lines gives this bathroom a hygienic and welcoming environment. This also has great re-sell value.
Vertical textures create a feature that draw the eye, making the bathroom stylish but also creating a sense of depth and space with the reflection from the mirrors.
Use walk in showers to create a sense of ease and creating a minimalist feature.
You might design your shower at the end of the bathroom, this helps create a feeling of additional space and the entrance will remain dry.
Double vanities are a practical element to provide enough space for a family or couple to have their own area – designs  hinged off the ground make an extra sense of space and easy to clean in and around.
Completing your bathroom and keeping it modern, use chrome shower head, taps, towel dryer and other bathroom fittings with a consistent and seamless design throughout.

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