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Tuesday, March 04, 2014



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Bathrooms renovations whether they are DIY or using skilled tradesmen need to be well designed and planned. Some people are so motivated by magazine photos and the desired end look it's hard for them to really think about the functionality of their bathroom, longevity, and design within their budget pre-project. I must stress the importance of doing this before you start to buy shower, toilets, tiles, vanities and the like.
Simply write a list of all the problems you had with your previous bathroom. Now that you know what didn't work for you, write a list of your needs first and wants second! This will be helpful before you hit the stores and get bogged down by the choices!
For some, utilising high water rating products is important to them, others might look for easy to maintain and clean products, design only or both! In the end if it all seems to be a bit overwhelming, luckily for us we have experts that do this day in and day out! But most important of all do your list to start with so you don't forget the most important things!

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